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Joshua Tree Panorama

There is a stillness in the desert. We leave our safe environments and venture into a place that are hard on our fragile bodies and minds. Life and death are at every turn in the desert, yet humans try to make it their own. Joshua Tree is a magical place to photographer or just to mediate.

I shot this photo a bit ago.

Eddie Ostrowski
Prints For Sale

I’ve been working on setting on setting up an Etsy store to sell my Fine Art prints. You can follow this link to see the shop. Below are a few samples of what’s new to the shop.

Eddie Ostrowski
Boston 2018

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Boston for the first time a few weeks ago. I was only there for a few days but I was in awe of how much historical charm exist there. Old and new architecture interacting with each other on every street. Most of my time was spent in Back Bay and Downtown. I look forward to going back and exploring more of the entire city. Here are some select images from my trip.

Eddie Ostrowski
Mural Project | Sacramento

This is the first photo I did for the Mural Project I’m working on in Sacramneto CA. This mural was done for the 2018 Wide Open Walls project by Shepard Fairey of the “Man In Black” himself, Johnny Cash.

Eddie Ostrowski
A blank canvas

The city of Sacramento has a really cool Mural Festival called Wide Open Walls. This event happens in August 9th to the 19th if you happen to be in the area. I mention this only because A. It seems like a great idea and more cities with boring, run down buildings should consider doing something like this. B. I've been inspired to photograph these mural/this city with the idea of making art out of art. This is going to be an ongoing project some check back updates.

Eddie Ostrowski
We eat with our eyes...

I've been doing a lot of work as a food photographer lately which has been an awesome new challenge. These shots have all been taken on location. the plan is to set up a studio space to shoot these types of images so I can have more control over everything. 

Eddie Ostrowski
The Golden State

California has a lot of amazing things to photograph. I personally love when the green hills of the turn golden in Summer. I shot this image close to where I live early one morning to explore the idea of the Golden State. This image is really a test shoot of something photographs hope to expand on in the near future.

New site design

I've launched this new version of my website and I pretty much like it. There are a few things that still need to be fiddled with here and there but over all it's close to where I like it.

I will be using this space to showcase things I've been working on that are necessarily ready for prime time, it's a venue for me to publish more images for people to look at. Keep checking this space and thanks for stopping by. 

Eddie Ostrowski